Since ancient times Mesoamerica has had traditions in history that stem into modern times. Aztecs were very artistic people when it came to the world of art. They were extremely talented in various forms of art such as metalworking, pottery, painting, folk art, and even scribes.

Although Aztecs were one of the most artistic people in Meso history they eventually were taken upon by the Nahua indigenous group.

Nahua is a group of the indigenous people of Mexico and El Salvador with historical past/present in parts of Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. They are one of the largest indigenous groups in…

Recently, Louisiana has reconsidered the recreational use of cannabis. The state already has CBD which is for medical use only.

The media and people around the United States have been talking about cannabis as more states make it legalized. Some are trying to come up with ways to either legalize across the nation, legalize for medical reasons, or even recreational use.

In the early 1930s, color films were coming to the screen, yet did face some obstacles. This fantasy and musical movie hit the big screen on Aug. 25, 1939.

Most of the time when you watch this film, you picture it to be happy. Even though this movie is considered one of the greatest, it has a dark area around it.

According to, This story was about a young girl, Dorothy, who lived in Kansas on a farm. She falls unconscious during a tornado incident to wake up in the wonderful land of Oz. She befriends the Scarecrow, Tinman…

Covid-19 has rocked the world and we now have a “new” normal lifestyle that has impacted the world in many different ways. Baton Rouge Recreation Center known as BREC has opened back up to bring all sports for the spring season.

Many places have taken big hits due to Covid-19 such as sports leagues to be exact. Sports have been a huge part of the world since the beginning of time with much different entertainment that can be watched or done around the world. Although this happens, many places that hold sports events or leagues have started to open back…

In our world today, most people are consumed with some form of media. People watch the news on television, some on social media or apps such as News Break. Many reporters and journalists put things out there that the general public would need to know. In addition, media content could be things that people would want to know about.

The intention of journalism is accordingly to provide the public with the knowledge. This information is what they need to make the logical possible decisions about their lives, communities, societies, and governments.

Journalism has a huge impact on the world. Without…

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